Idea Chíc Wholesale

Sweet, classic, chíc wholesale greeting cards, social stationery and gifts letterpress and flat printed in Denver, Colorado.

Thank you for your interested in carrying Idea Chíc products in your retail shop, 
We love our brick and mortar retailers with a passion and are here to work with you on your success. Check with us about current retailers in your area. Some are seasonal, others carry only part of our catalog.

Click the image below to view our Spring and Summer 2021 Seasonal Insert. The full online 2021 catalog is linked below. 

"Exactly what I was looking for!
Well made and takes me back to growing up with quality US products"
- Lisa, Owner SoDo Village Market
We are easy to work with and can put together orders for you right away. We are happy to deliver sample packages you can use. Start an email with us via the form below or call/text us anytime on 303-884-7787 with questions or to place orders.
   Are you on FAIRE Wholesale? Look for Idea Chic on FAIRE and look
   for products marked as High Sell Through* to help you in your
   selection or contact us directly to discuss.

*FAIRE marks high sell through on products with criteria including top 10% of sellers on the marketplace, being carried by more than three shops without returns. Idea Chíc has more than 20 qualified products!  

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