Copywriter **filled, thanks for your interest and referrals**

He wants to buy stationery and a gift for Audrey Hepburn on a modest budget. Our customers and guest might think this way. They are chic men and women with a broad age range.

Idea Chic seeks an independent copywriter (freelance) to improve product listings and overall story on and across all channels.

Projects will be ongoing starting with existing products and following a schedule as we improve photography for consistency on existing products. New product and category copy will follow as launched. 

Other projects include monthly blog posts, copy for our wholesale catalog and any specific advertising campaigns. 


  • Excellent communication skills in listening, writing and story telling
  • Natural vocabulary consistent with our style. Sweet, classic, chic 
  • Research and awareness of customer experience on and Offline as well as how they shop (SEO)
  • Proven consistency in writing style - pithy product descriptions & longer form story telling
  • Ability to give and receive feedback

Contact David Sandusky at only if your voice and interest feels right to you about our products, services and industry. A freelance career is a best fit right now to manage projects over time. 


 September UPDATE for the following: As an ongoing result of COVID19 we have some changes not yet updated on the details found below the image. Hiring is not a top priority currently but we do want to hear from you if interested in Idea Chic as we navigate how to move forward. Timing can be everything.

  1. Invitation Design and Production: This position will be broader than details outlined below. Design scope to now include all product and marketing design more equally balanced. Production less important now so this can be a 100% remote position.
  2. Etsy Marketplace Manager. Prefer design (1) and marketplace manager combined.
  3. Assembly and Fulfillment is currently on hold.

We're a creative company who values ideas and ownership. EEO. Profit sharing.

Thank you! David + Julie



Invitation Design and Production Assistant | Manager

Idea Chíc seeks a creative, detailed and service oriented invitation design and production assistant. You are expected to ultimately lead the custom and ready-made invitation business from Denver, CO. Full training and support provided to create this opportunity from assistant to manager. Read more


Regional Manufacturing Sales Representative (multiple) 

Idea Chíc seeks sales reps nation wide with deep retail, grocery and/or specialty retail relationships at your local level. Contact David at (303)884-7787 with any of the following:
  • independent sales rep
  • manufactures sales rep regional or national firm
  • direct hire

     Assembly and Fulfillment 

    Are you in the Denver area and available for contract product assembly and order fulfillment on a flexible, on-demand or seasonal schedule? Contact David at (303)884-7787


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