Core Values

Excellence in the Big and Little Things

We value attention to detail, but more so, pride in a job well done. 

To us, excellence matters in every aspect of the business — from being reliable and service-oriented to providing high-quality, well-made products that are as described and shipped fast. We value our guests and their time, and we want each retail experience with Idea Chíc to demonstrate our commitment to outstanding customer service. 

Ownership In All We Do 

We love to create and make, and we hire folks who feel the same. As a rite of passage, all Idea Chíc employees begin in the product and assembly team. 

As a leader in small-batch manufacturing cards and gifts, we’re proud to be working on an Employee Ownership Model. The handcrafted process should be owned by all stakeholders at Idea Chíc. We take accountability and equity seriously. Ownership and an entrepreneurial spirit are at the heart of our business.

Sweet Correspondence Means Showing Up For Community

We find our way into the most important moments in life — from weddings to baby announcements, birthdays, and graduations. We exist to support deep, meaningful relationships with sweet correspondence. 

Being a part of the community means showing up for others in-person and recognizing that we are not just an online store. It means giving back to the community through donations. It means proudly making all products in the U.S.A and, whenever possible, ordering supplies made in the U.S.A.

Culture of Creativity

We deeply believe in the health benefits of putting pen to paper — whether that be a handwritten letter, doodling, journaling, or creative writing. We believe creativity is a form of empowerment and that there is a need for social stationery now more than ever before. 

We also want to create a place for creative people to make a living. Idea Chíc is a place where a diverse community of creative owners can blend the “old” classic, well-made products and traditions with “new” innovation, technology, and creative problem-solving. The skill set acquired in creative problem solving is invaluable in a diverse set of people and ever-changing business landscape. We believe that embracing both inspires a brighter future. 

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