The Beauty of a Blank Card

Perhaps you’ve been browsing our online Greeting Cards, searching for that card with the perfect message inside. By now, you may have realized that Idea Chíc Greeting Cards are blank inside. 

This is intentional — part of our goal is to inspire others to put more of their own words on paper. We deeply believe in the health benefits of putting pen to paper, whether that be a handwritten letter, doodling, journaling, or creative writing. We believe creativity is a form of empowerment and that there is a need for social stationery now more than ever before. 

At Idea Chíc, we find our way into the most important moments in life — from weddings to baby announcements, birthdays, and graduations. Simply put: we exist to support deep, meaningful relationships with sweet correspondence. 

If you’ve found yourself browsing our cards, this means you, too, are part of a community hoping to show up for a friend or loved one in a special way. So, rest assured, no matter what you write in your card, you are already displaying a unique thoughtfulness that is often lost in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

Below, we’ve shared just three of the reasons we find beauty in a blank card. If you still feel stuck, we hope these tips will help get your gears turning! And, if you have a special reason you favor blank cards, please leave us a note in the comments. 💌

#1. Words from the Heart 💖

A blank card allows you to write a note in your voice, not anyone else’s. It allows you to get specific — what’s the baby’s name going to be? Are your friends finally tying the knot? Where did they get accepted into college? How old are they turning? Thinking about the occasion and a memorable detail that would make your loved one feel special is a wonderful place to start. 

If you’re nervous about writing the first draft directly in the card, try typing your message as a note in your phone or an email first to get your thoughts organized. As you’re writing, think about what you would say out loud to the person receiving your card. You may just find yourself adding an inside joke or inserting a special memory! 

#2. Flex your Creativity 💪

We’ve all had that feeling, staring at a blank piece of paper, wondering, “where do I begin?” But a blank card doesn’t have to be intimidating! In fact, Where do I begin… can be a great way to start your message.

Here’s another beautiful thing about a blank card: it’s up to you to determine the length of the message. Sometimes less is more! You could add a drawing, a poem you found, or a lyric from a song you share with this person. It’s quality of words over quantity of words when it comes to letter writing. 

To practice writing small, meaningful notes, try leaving a Post It on the bathroom mirror or a note in your little one’s lunch box. Think of this as a creative workout — nothing is better to help you flex those muscles than getting started with a few words here and there.

#3. Improve your Thoughtfulness (and more)  💭

Not only does letter writing improve the skill of thoughtfulness, but research shows that writing down what you are grateful for has both mental and physical health benefits. We believe that expressing gratitude once a day can change your life

A blank card is an opportunity to refine your relationships. If you are sending and writing cards, that means you are already someone who remembers birthdays, thinks about how others feel, and likely even counts others’ wins and losses as your own. It means you already know how to show up. You don’t need a script from there. Just look inward. ✏️

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