This Spring Break, Swap Social Media for Social Stationery

We know that this blog post’s title may be a brow raiser, but hear us out. Because really, we get it. We’re on social media, too (haven’t you seen Hazel on our TikTok?!) 

Social media has become an integrated part of our lives. We use it to keep up with friends, family, work, the news. We seriously couldn’t have gotten through the pandemic without this form of digital connection. 

But in the back of our minds, we also can’t help but wonder: could taking a break from all that digital corresponding help us become more well-rounded communicators?

Before social media took the world by storm, there was another form of keeping up with loved ones — social stationery. This classic term defined the opposite of business stationery and included personalized letterheads, baby announcements, and invitations to upcoming events. We’re even talking snail mail to your best friend just to say hello! 

In the digital era, the only social stationery we send or receive is usually during the holiday season or for a big day like a wedding. We want to change that. This spring break, we challenge you to swap social media for social stationery. We’re curious to see if the trade-off sparks any new creativity in your communication style. Still not convinced? Here are four other reasons to take on the challenge:

Enjoy the Benefits of Going Analog

People often write-off writing as something reserved for homework, note-taking, or to-do list-making. But it can be so much more! Think doodling, journaling, writing a story, telling someone thank you — the benefits of going analog lie in expressing oneself. 

Studies show that writing about emotions may reduce anxiety. We couldn’t agree more with the conclusion of that study: “Expressive writing is such an easy, low-cost technique — much like taking a good brisk walk — that it may be worth trying.”

How many hours a day are you looking at a screen? Giving yourself a break from screen time with just a pencil and pad at hand could be the remedy to your digital fatigue. Who knows, you may even find a new hobby! If you’re ready to take the plunge, we recommend going all out with our Custom Letterpress Social Stationery. 

Become Part of a Writing Community

Join a Letter Writing Society near you. No Letter Writing Society in your town? Here is how to start one!

Earlier this year, Bloomberg published a fascinating read: Will Gen Z Save The Post Office? We think YES.

We particularly loved this section of the article: “When they [Gen Z] talk about mail, they talk about how special it is, how meaningful it can be,” said Gerhardt. “There is some exhaustion with texting all the time.” Mail is a powerful antidote to the immediacy of technology: It takes time to “find a card, write your message, put it in the envelope, figure out the address and find out where to send it through the mail,” she says. “All that time really conveys that I care about you, and this is something special.”

In today’s day and age, becoming a letter writer shows you care. It also allows you entry into a special writing community that connects you with thoughtful others who share the same values. Plus, there are AMAZING stamps to enjoy and nerd out on! (This one would look so pretty on the silver envelope that comes with our Put on Your Party Hat! Birthday Card.)

Dream, then Do — Get Your Thoughts Organized

Sometimes the Notes section in our phones seems less intimidating than a blank piece of paper. But did you know that many famous writers (even Steven King!) prefer drafting their stories by hand over typing? 

Writing by hand helps organize your thoughts because naturally, you will uncover and prioritize what you want to share with others. Unlike “word vomit,” handwriting your ideas can allow you to communicate more effectively.  As this Forbes piece says, “handwriting forces us to slow down and smell the ink.” By processing as you write in the present, you can make every word count. Our Pharmacy Style Notepad is a favorite of ours to get our thoughts organized.

The World Needs Less Boring Writers

There are a lot of similarities between social media and social stationery. Namely, captions! 

Every time you write a killer caption, you’re showing your creative expertise. If you’re planning on traveling this spring break, we challenge you to send postcards instead of posting about your daily trip activities. Take what you think you would write on TikTok or as an Instagram caption and run with it via longhand. How does the experience differ? Did you notice anything different about your creative style? Is there a story that came up that needs to be shared?  

Let us know if you complete the challenge in the comments below! 

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