Southern Roots Flower Market in McAllen and Mission Texas

Mariana Linaldi
Owner of Southern Roots Flower Market

Mariana's hope is to not only bring flowers into the daily lives of her community, but also to spread knowledge about the preservation of bees. 

We share these values with Mariana and celebrate another amazing small business owner! One can get sucked into the images and videos on Southern Roots Flower Market social media and website. We did!

  • The flower arrangements are a work of art.
  • The flower market is stunning retail.
  • The community events are worthy of travel because of the grounds and obvious beauty in details. Mariana and her team are also wedding and event planners

Southern Roots Flower Market is a bucket list visit for us. During their spring market sound like wonderful timing! 

For a few years Mariana has been keeping a variety of our Sachets stocked. People in the Southern Roots Flower Market community obviously enjoy along with the shop's other gifts and hind-tied flower bouquets - her shop is one of our best for sachets. 

Can we become part of your store? Learn about Idea Chíc Wholesale and tell us about your story! 

 *Images above from Southern Roots Flower Market website



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