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Idea Chíc + Pinterest Creators = Shared Values

We find our way into the most important moments in life — from weddings to baby announcements, birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, graduations, retirement parties, celebrations of life and more. We exist to support deep, meaningful relationships with sweet correspondence. 

We care deeply about our relationships. At Idea Chíc we are centered around young ladies of all ages. Our customers are mostly women and the wonderful men who visit online and guests in-store at Idea Chíc are most often buying for women. We employ a small team of all women at the moment; our co-Founder, David, proudly refers to himself as ¨A Thorn Among Roses¨.  

Creating useful content online can inspire meaningful relationships offline. Creating content to inspire is better than chasing algorithms for likes and certainly better than choosing content for engagement in the name of self-esteem. We can do better for young ladies. If you agree and love Pinterest to tell your stories. If you think Idea Chíc products made in Denver, Colorado USA can be part of that positive message, we should talk.

Idea Chíc is looking for Creator partnerships where we can support your own ¨creator economy¨. We are more deliberate so offering direct relationships rather than affiliate arrangements. As a matter of fact a Pinterest Creator can be part of some other career at Idea Chíc. We can be part of exciting collaborations. We have many ideas! Take a look at Idea Chíc and if you see a fit, contact David via Idea Chíc on Pinterest.      

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