Four Ways Mulling Spices Will Perk Up Your Autumn

Move over pumpkin spice — this fall is all about mulling spices!

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about doing something special for our loved ones. This autumn, discover that perfect recipe for a steaming mug of deliciousness. And no - we’re not talking pumpkin spice. This year, why not try sprucing up your favorite fall beverage with Idea Chíc’s most beloved seasonal feature: mulling spices.

With our unique Mulling Spices Sachets, you will be able to brighten a gathering near or far this fall. Whether you are able to celebrate together in-person or you are surprising a loved one with this thoughtful pick-me-up, we are certain we can help you bring the perfect touch to your friends and family this holiday season. Keep reading to learn how this special blend is sure to perk up your autumn!

Bring all the best ingredients of fall together. 

Our Mulling Spices sachets make the most of nature’s bounty, including cinnamon chips, allspice, orange peel and cloves. Adorned with a darling cinnamon stick and kraft tag, as soon as you begin to open your packaging, the sweet fragrance of fall makes itself known. Simply mix with cider or wine (or grape juice for guests of all ages to enjoy!) and the aroma itself will take you to your happy place. 

Spread cheer with a unique touch. 

Are you hoping to create your own blend of comfort and cheer this fall? Our personalized tags make these sachets a thoughtful (and affordable!) gift for teachers, neighbors, co-workers or loved ones. By including your own message, you can give a gift or favor that has the handmade feel with the professional quality you long for. These sachets also make lovely fall or winter wedding or tea party favors.

Steep in the comfort of a warm mug.

Did you know the use of mulling spices dates all the way back to the Roman Empire when Romans began heating their wine as they traveled across Europe? A warm drink that brings together all the harvest’s best spices - it is no wonder it’s stood the test of time over all these years. 

There is something special about tapping into a trend that has such a rich, long history. Partaking in these types of traditions feels like a part of the season that should be especially cherished today. As we enter into this time of gratitude, a mug of mulled wine is a unique way to help you (okay, maybe your spouse!) slow down and take comfort in the pleasures all around you.

Start a new tradition. 

And yet… if there’s one thing we learned from the strange times of social distancing, it is how valuable it is to embrace new traditions, too. If you are celebrating in a smaller group this year, you can still chase the chill of a frosty night with our version of autumn-in-a-cup! Perfect for all ages, our Mulling Spices sachets create an approachable, easy-to-make beverage that is sure to brighten your kitchen and charm your family. 

At Idea Chíc, we hope to inspire new traditions and foster your favorite classics all the same. Take a peek at our entire fall collection for more ideas to make the most of this year’s holiday season. Please drop us a note below if you have a special idea this year that you’d like to share with us. And, be sure to tag us on Instagram if you brew an Idea Chíc mulling spices beverage this season! 


The scribble: quick tips for a picture perfect charcuterie + mulling spices night!

  • Think about personal touches - Will you add a cinnamon stick, orange cloves or flowers to garnish your mulling spices beverage? Other fixes include maple syrup, lemon, ginger, or bourbon. There are endless possibilities! 
  • Think about taste - Mulling spices pair great with a savory cheese, as well as other seasonal treats like apples, berries or even cured meats. 
  • Think about visuals - Are there enough cool tones to balance out the warm tone of the cheese and crackers and tie in with the shade of your beverage? Do you have a pretty tray or cutting board to place your snacks on? What type of mugs or glassware will you serve your mulling spices bevy in? Let your creativity shine here!
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