Let Idea Chíc Mail Your Cards

Starting Aug. 29, the cost of a Forever stamp, or mailing a 1-ounce letter, increased from 55 cents to 58 cents. But those ''Forever'' stamps you already have in your drawer before the price increase are still good meaning you are not required to add additional postage to send your greeting card. 

As the news of another price increase for stamps came through to Idea Chíc we stocked up on the 55 cent stamps. We made them available for you here at the stationery shop. We appreciate you stopping in for your greeting cards and if helpful, can save you a trip to the Post Office. You may buy a stamp at regular price (55 cents until we run out, than 58 cents). 

In a rush to mail that birthday card? Stick around and write your note, stamp it and leave with us. Find a gift here too? We´ll pack it up and ship it, no shipping cost to you. We´ll mail it for you same day along with our ecommerce orders! 

You deserve a locally owned stationery store with excellent service. How can we help?

Open Tuesday-Friday 11-5 and Saturday 11-4

By the way, ask about our in-store version of our Card Club while here. 

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