Idea Chic Stationery Subscription Box One Year Anniversary

We have become a bit addicted to the creation of our subscription boxes! The Parcel Post Seasonal Subscription has been hitting mailboxes since winter 2012. Last year we started the Stationery Box subscription with current (buy now), 3, 6 and 12 month subscription options. 



The first stationery box to ship was Flower and Gardening in April. 





That means March is the last month of our first year! Today we are wrapping up new card designs for the Baby Stationery Box. Subscribers will be first to experience than we will be loading all new cards on Idea Chíc and marketplaces.


Below is a sneak peek of the new Baby Blocks Greeting Card on Wood Veneer. We love it and know you will love to have this on hand for the perfect moment when you are someone you love is breaking the good news! Be the first and get your Stationery Subscription from Idea Chíc today! 


Twelve Idea Chic Stationery box sets ship on the 21st of the month:

Jan. - Valentine's Day 
Feb. - Thoughtful
March - Baby
April - Flower & Gardening 
May - Congratulations & Celebration 
June - Bicycle
July - Birthday
Aug. - Love Notes
Sept. - Nature 
Oct. - Thank You
Nov. - Christmas
Dec. - Letterpress Stationery Notes
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