Greeting Cards and Gifts No-Touch Pickup at Idea Chic in Denver | Coronavirus

Our regular local visitors to Idea Chic know they are entering a space where our stationery, greeting cards and gifts are made. It's also a small space so we have preferred appointment shopping or chance with understanding we might be packing online or wholesale orders. There is also a chance our printers including our 1930's letterpress could be running. Nobody seems to mind!

Times have changed in retail today and maybe forever because of the Covid19 pandemic. At Idea Chic we pride ourselves in quality one on one attention so at our production space not a lot has changed. We still don't hold regular open hours rather by appointment or chance. Chances are we are there. Now when we have many people show up at once we ask you to stay outside in our wonderful courtyard, six feet apart and wearing a face mask. 

The best option is shopping on our website. We'll ship for free but do miss your faces so come by and pick up your order outside in our mailboxes built for this occasion. If you choose to come by, mark your order for pickup during checkout. All of our stationery, cards and gifts are listed here at

Finally, we started a text messaging service we are excited about! One purpose is to help proper scheduling for pickup. More than that we think this is a great way for support including suggesting the right card and gifts including those only available in-store, like our potted succulents.

We appreciate you!

David + Julie

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