First Wedding Anniversary Paper Tradition

Being a stationery company in Denver, Idea Chic is in a fortunate position to hear stories from newlyweds as they embark on their first wedding anniversary. Paper represents the traditional first anniversary gift - we have paper so we get to hear the stories! 

For the stationery lover, giving the gift of paper is obvious. Our Custom Motif Stationery option fits the tradition nicely. Personalized with name, color, motif and placement makes for a meaningful gift no doubt! Stationery for the couple makes perfect sense too. 



Recently we had a couple visit the studio to describe what they had in mind. They wanted letterhead stationery with the logo from their wedding last year. They plan to hand-write each other a letter on their upcoming first anniversary and every other anniversary for the rest of their lives. They ordered enough to cover a long, long tradition! We are grateful to provide this gifts as they vision growing old along with each other!  A family crest, logo or names all work perfectly!

Paper does not always have to come in the form of stationery. Paper for the first anniversary represents strength through connectivity. The little piece of paper in this small bottle is a meaningful symbol of strength and love. 

For others it is fun to browse stationery packs for a theme that represents the individual or the couple perfectly. Like celebration of the young garden sprouting in their first home together or a favorite flower. With nearly all of our cards blank on the inside or flat paneled with plenty of white space, the blank slate represents a new life together.  
Other gift ideas newlyweds stumble on include our notepads. These bound at the top sheets of paper make for a useful blank slate for making lists to writing each other sweet words just because.  
We are considering expanding our gift slider boxes. They are made out of paper and a fun idea for small gifts. These can be found in our Valentine gift collection but the design is perfect for any occassion, such as first wedding anniversary paper gift giving tradition! 
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