creating a vintage display for your place cards

With vintage styling all the rage there are so many fun and unique ways to incorporate old items. We love displaying place cards in different ways for your wedding guests. It sets the tone for the reception and is a fun way to showcase creativity and unique styling.

A local salvage yard is a wonderful place to go when looking for that vintage edge. For a past client we created a display using old vintage doors. Several vintage doors were bought at a local salvage yard and painted blue with a white sketched overcoat. Old, original hardware was attached to the doors to create an authentic look. Nails were then attached to each door.

Each place card incorporated photographs of the couple in their younger years. We yellowed the images and added their signature vintage border frame along with the guest name and table assignment. Each place card was finished with a small hole at the top center of the card. The place cards were hung to the individual nails and displayed on the doors.

What a fun and unique way to create a vintage display. The doors can also be used after the event in the couple’s home to display artwork, photo frames of their wedding pictures, etc. This could also be done with the use of window panes, old skis, an old sled or just about any vintage salvage piece.

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