2013 Calendars by Idea Chic

Stationery lovers today tend to be tech savvy in how they schedule personal and professional events but must have the art of a beautiful desk or wall calendars displayed.  The Seasons Calendar was such a hit last year we continued for 2013 and will be a staple when we learned people want the same calendar again!  This year we added a 2013 mini desk calendar which like the seasons comes in a handy display case.  We have heard that some people frame the calendars and hang on their wall.  That is what Julie does in her studio.

For 2013 we also created a full letterpress calendar on soft 110 cover weight Cranes Lettra cotton paper using a different design and color for each month.  This beautiful calendar comes with a stand or ribbon and clothespins for display.  Running twelve independent months using twelve letterpress plates takes time.  These calendars one might say are a labor of love – when you love laboring over a 1930’s letterpress and tickled with the results for others to enjoy you might way at Idea Chic that we absolutely love what we do!

Check out the 2013 Idea Chic Calendars here!

lphang_grande lpstand_grande mini1_grande seasons1_grande

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