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Retail plans for us mean online as well as brick and mortar.  We love the Internet, it started everything!

Idea Chic is like most emerging small businesses who make things.  We experience growing pains which are exciting but need more of everything.  For us more square footage tops the list.  Not just any square footage.  We’ve expanded production in our Glendale location to satisfy our online retail and wholesale orders but are on the hunt for that chic storefront.  Our own storefront will be the beginning of a local than national Idea Chic stores concept.

Up until the time of this post the boutique retail stores who sell Idea Chic stationery and gifts have contacted us as a result of seeing our products on our websites, other predominantly online media and by far from our shop on etsy.  One example is when the iconic Kate’s Paperie in NY placed a large (for us) wholesale order last year followed by an even larger re-order this year online.  We took that as a major compliment and must admit shocked to hear from Kate’s Paperie – there is a lot of great work out there!  We are honored by all of the shops who work with us but you know, Kate’s Paperie!  Stores like these move millions of dollars per year in stationery or gifts and shop at places like the National Stationery Show for inventor.  They are obviously shopping online too.  Being contacted online to sell in brick and mortar is super cool so we have been expanding these opportunities from the start.  That said, we do plan to be part of the National Stationery Show and are beginning to proactively contact interesting boutiques across the country.  We are feeling pretty good about balancing what works online and offline.  Idea Chic can be at a store near you!

Locally we plan to participate at the Junior League of Denver Holiday Mart for what will be the third year.  We did the Holiday Mart practically out of the gate with our new Idea Chic model and first generation of products.  Visitors to our booth comment that Idea Chic can be our own great boutique stationery and gift store.  We agree. We plan to join other Junior League Holiday Marts outside of Colorado starting this year and test other markets while participating in raising money for Junior League’s mission.

Idea Chic’s own model of retail is super exciting for us – details when we locate our first boutique space starting in Denver.   The search is on.  Will you help us keep an eye out for the the right spot with potential to be chic?  Back to expanding our product lines!

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