Greeting Card Handwriting Services

We have been asked in the past about a handwriting service with Idea Chic greeting cards and stationery notes. We were happy to do this as a favor to our amazing customers. While we are all practicing staying at home during the Coronavirus these asks have picked up. We have decided to make it known that we want to help you stay home and still send a sweet, classic or chic card with a note in your words, our handwriting.  

How it works:

Select any greeting card or stationery note and add to your cart. If you find a gift item to mail, add that to your cart too. 

Find the notes section on your cart page and provide the text for us to write on your card.

In the shipping address add the name and address of the person we will be addressing and directly mailing the card.

On the final payment page select a different billing address to add your payment info. 

We will hand write your note with pretty and clear handwriting and mail directly using a stamp.

If only a stamped card is mailed, vs a package including a gift, your shipping confirmation will not include tracking as all other shipping from Idea Chic provides. This is because of the standard mail stamp. We ship via USPS daily for years with as close to 100% successful delivery rate you can get so feel good about providing this service with limited tracking.

The service and shipping in the US is free. 

Idea Chic is located with an independent storefront that is open by appointment or chance to guests. Our environment is clean and we are happy to be working!  

Importantly, the CDC (, the World Health Organization (, as well as the Surgeon General have indicated that there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is being spread through the mail.


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