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Are you someone who: 

Never forgets a birthday?

Wakes up in the middle of the night thinking about that Thank You note you want to send?

Prefers a handwritten card over an e-mail any day?

☑ Considers themselves a snail mail aficionado?

If you answered yes to any (or all!) of these questions, allow us to introduce you to the Idea Chíc Card Club.

The Idea Chíc Card Club is a monthly card club where members select any four greeting cards or single stationery notes for only $12/month. 

Our Card Club catalog includes letterpress, sewn, and wood veneer cards at a discounted price. We update the card catalog with new releases three times per year. And, our card catalog has exclusive releases not yet available anywhere else! 

Cards are delivered on your schedule. Pause, cancel, and resubscribe anytime after your second month.  

Idea Chíc Card Club members advocate for thoughtfulness. If you believe the world would be even just a *smidge* better if we wrote more letters and sent more mail, this club is for you. Join us in building a community of card writers on a mission to spread intention and gratitude all year long!

How it Works:

  1. Click ‘Add to Cart’ to subscribe. 
  2. Select any combination of four single cards from the Card Club catalog.
  3. Email or text the title of cards you choose and we’ll ship them ASAP.
  4. Each month you will get an email reminder about your recurring payment and to select your new cards.

What Idea Chíc Card Club Members Are Saying:

It is a delight to choose and receive cards each month, and helps me nurture the relationships in my life that I care most about. -Kim

I love planning ahead with my calendar of events and shopping for greeting cards this way. Thanks! -Dana

Yay! These cards are gorgeous! Great communication and super speedy shipping. I can’t wait to send them out, though I’d really just like to keep them for myself. Thank you! -Kyrie

Click the image below to take a peek at, download, or print, the 2020 Idea Chíc Card Club Catalog.

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