The Scents of Idea Chic

Depending on what day you find yourself at Idea Chic in Glendale, CO, the scent as you walk through the door could be a number of things. 

As we assemble our variety of favors here at the stationery store, you might smell our Fruit Mint blend tea for our popular Tea Favors Or, our Mulling Spice Favors and gifts during fall and winter seasons.

The other scents could be any variety of wonderful smells as we assemble sachets right here too. What will it be tomorrow? Lavender, Cedar, Rose, Mint, Apple Spice? Home hacks to bring these Idea Chíc sachet scents to your space.

We also have one of six Idea Chic candles burning at the stationery store so you might have to think about what scent is hitting the olfactory first! Currently candles are only available in-store but coming to soon! 
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