Quiz Time: Finding the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

The 2020 Idea Chíc Gift Guide is here! 🎁

We all have that *one person* in our life who, year after year, seems to find us the perfect gift. Each holiday or birthday, they leave us wondering how we will ever be able to do the same for them next time around. 

And here’s the biggest head-scratcher: sometimes it seems like the people we love the most can be the hardest to shop for! Funny how that works, eh? 

With that as our inspiration, we decided that we wanted to do something a little different to make our gift guide stand out this year. We did some research and designed a quiz to help get your gift-giving gears going. 

The questions below are sure to help you narrow down your options this holiday season. As always, you can expect our recommendations to be budget-friendly, stylish, and sweet, too. You may even get some new ideas for stocking stuffers or Secret Santa games!

Take a few minutes to grab a sticky note and write down the answers to the following questions.  We know if it may be difficult, but try to pick just one answer per question — we’re confident your choices will help you find that perfect gift this holiday season. 

You and your loved one run into an acquaintance at the grocery store who asks, “How’s life?” What spills out of your loved one’s month?

A. “Full of big life changes. We just moved, I started a new job, and we welcomed our new baby niece into the family. It’s hard to keep up with all the excitement!”

B. “Let’s just say I’m looking forward to putting 2020 behind me…”

C. “The pandemic hasn’t changed anything for me. Now everyone else is just working in their pajamas, too!”  

You and your loved one are planning a post-pandemic party. They naturally fill which role: 

A. The herder - they make the Facebook event, mail out handwritten invitations, and call everyone to double-check the headcount. 

B. The organizer - they’re the one who picks up the cake, gets the decorations, and has the primo playlist already on deck.

C. The life of the party - details may not be their thing, but they’re the one who makes everyone feel at home during the party.

If you could only use one of the statements below to describe your loved one, which one would be your first pick?  

A. They’ve never forgotten a birthday, like ever.

B. They’ve overcome a lot of hardship recently. 

C. I know I can always send that SOS Help! emergency text to them. 

It’s Saturday morning. Where is your loved one?

A. Working on their home renovation that is going to look straight out of Instagram!

B. Volunteering at the soup kitchen in between running errands and solving the climate crisis.

C. Comfy and cozy, reading their favorite magazine (a mimosa may or may not be involved.) 

The most important quality in a gift for someone is:

A. Utility - giving a gift that is functional.

B. Meaning - giving a gift that feels special to the recipient.

C. Pleasure - giving a gift that is fun and enjoyable to use.

And now, drum roll, please... it’s time for your results! Tally up your selections and take a peek below to see what the ideal gift for your loved one is this holiday season. Before you go, we’d love to hear what results you got or if you have any other great gift ideas for your special someone. Drop us a note in the comments section or on social media, and we hope you enjoyed our spin-off of the 2020 Idea Chíc Gift Guide!  

Mostly As: Get something to use again and again

This person is a friend to many. They love to be social and stay connected with everyone. They are an open book and may have had some significant life changes this year. Get them something they can use time and time again, like a set of postcards or a stationery set to help them keep up with their community in the new year. Here are a few of our favorites: 

social stationery pack

Mostly Bs: Get something to look ahead to brighter days

This person may need a pick-me-up. They’re often taking care of others or completing large projects. This year may have been difficult or challenging for them, so it’s important to make it known how much you appreciate them. The start of a new year is a beautiful way to show that brighter days are coming their way, especially with you by their side. Give a gift that looks ahead, such as our: 

Mostly Cs: Get something to promote self-care 

This person knows about comfort, and they’re always there for you. They are sure to light up a room with their warm presence. Their relaxing and calm nature makes them easy to love…. not to mention that they may have taught you a thing or two about how to treat yourself! Now it’s your turn to show them what you’ve learned. We recommend gifting something that promotes self-love or relaxation like our: 

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