Navigating What’s Next After Your Loved One Postpones Their Special Day

A few tips to help you remind them they are indeed loved 💛 

Just six weeks into the pandemic, Forbes had already reported that coronavirus cancellations affected 83 million people.

Now, many months later, that number seems mighty small. April of last year feels like a distant, distant memory. Was that when we were all buying our first puzzle or ordering fabric swatches to try our hand at making masks?

With the hope of a coronavirus vaccine on the horizon (yay!) many of us are beginning to try and reschedule some of the things we postponed last year. We are carefully, cautiously, but optimistically finding time to look ahead. 

If your loved one had to cancel or postpone a special day, it can be tricky to navigate what’s next. There are a myriad of emotions - disappointment, for sure, but also gratitude - they did a selfless and compassionate thing for the greater good of our community. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to make your loved one feel appreciated until a safe celebration is possible.

Send a Pick-Me-Up Package 🎁

Recommended for a postponed wedding, housewarming, or retirement celebration 

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the health benefits of gratitude. Help ease the blues of the situation by sending a handcrafted pick-me-up package to your loved one! A couple of ideas that are sure to make them smile:

✏️ Include a handwritten notecard expressing how much you appreciate them. 

📃 Design personalized stationery with their soon-to-be new name, monogram, or address if they are new homeowners.

☕ Include a little tea or a self-care product to remind them that it's okay to take time for themselves during all this.

Create a Scrapbook “Countdown Calendar” 📒

Recommended for postponed milestone birthday parties, bachelorette/bachelor parties, retirement celebrations, weddings, or general missed events

Have guests mail in postcards and photos documenting their excitement to get together on the other side of the pandemic. Putting them all in a book is a beautiful keepsake that your loved one will be able to cherish for years to come. A few tips to make this extra special: 

📬 Collect cards from the guest list. Of course, we recommend shopping small for your notes!

🌻 Ask guests also to include their favorite recipe, a photo of their go-to quarantine trend, or seeds or a pressed flower from their garden. At the in-person event, this scrapbook could be passed around for a good laugh and an opportunity to connect!

📆 If a new date has been set, include a countdown calendar with the new date circled. 

Plan a Surprise Virtual Shower ✨

Great for postponed baby, engagement, bridal or wedding showers

This is no substitute for an in-person gathering, but it is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face to see all of their favorite friends and family come together on their behalf. Elevate the experience with these touches:

💌 Mail out invitations to the guests as far out in advance as you can so they can mark their calendars. (Our fill-in invitations are a great option!)

🍹 Include a cocktail or drink recipe before so everyone can sip in solidarity. For a cozy vibe, we have darling favors that can be sent out as a gift with the invitation  -- we even offer personalization on the tag.

🎁 During the event, have guests coordinate emailing the bride-to-be or new mom a special note with a photo of a registry gift that they’ve ordered. Fill their inbox with joy!

💐 Pitch in to have flowers delivered. Extra smiles if you can get them delivered during the virtual event!

This pandemic has taught us a lot about communication and connection. At times, we’ve all found it challenging to know just exactly what to say. It’s important to remember that sincerity and understanding are what matters most. Have you helped a loved one cope with an unexpected change in plans? We’d love to hear your ideas about how to best celebrate from afar below!

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