MADE in Jackson WY

Have you been to Jackson, WY? Like our favorite CO mountain towns you have to visit during all four seasons. These towns are also great because of the small business community. Main Street. In Jackson you are sure to step into one of John Frechette´s stores. He has expanded to four!

MADE - his first boutique created to sell his own wares

Mountain Dandy - 2nd store which is a Men´s Store and when his partner Christian joined full time, a former teacher.
(Just like how I joined my wife full time at Idea Chic a few years down our road.)

M - closer to the ski resort

Mursell Sweet Shop - named after Mursell who was a chocolatier, store owner and their landlord. She has passed away and the store was reopened in her name.

During the pandemic they started a curated gift box called Quarantine Boxes. We found out about this from their customers tagging Idea Chíc in IG stories because our cards are in some of the boxes. THAT is how you operate retail today! 🎉

Can we become part of your store? Learn about Idea Chíc Wholesale and tell us about your story! 

John (left) with his partner Christian Burch. Photo courtesy of MADE

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