Idea Chíc Stationery Box for August is Love Notes

It's a good idea to always have love notes on hand! August Stationery Subscription Box by Idea Chíc is Love Notes.

Love notes Stationerry Subscription Box


Stock up and always be prepared with the perfect greeting card all year. Subscribe to Idea Chíc Stationery Box Sets. We offer 12 boxes in our subscription. They ship on the 21st of each monthwith free shipping in the US. Buy on or before the 19th to be sure you are included in the current mailing!

Sets include letterpress, flat printed, sewn stationery and cards all made by Idea Chíc. 

The value of each box set exceeds the price and includes surprise stickers to coordinate with the theme. Save more with all 12 boxes. 

Twelve Idea Chic Stationery box sets:

Jan. - Valentine's Day 
Feb. - Thoughtful
March - Baby
April - Flower & Gardening 
May - Congratulations & Celebration 
June - Bicycle
July - Birthday
Aug. - Love Notes
Sept. - Nature (birds, bees and trees)
Oct. - Thank You
Nov. - Christmas
Dec. - Letterpress Stationery Notes

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