I Thought of You Again Today

There is no shortage of memes online celebrating another year gone and hoping, praying for better days ahead. We recognize those trying to stay positive while struggling, as we do here at Idea Chíc. 

Julie and I think of the communities we are part of and excited about new communities forming where we get to experience meaningful relationships. Our optimism is strong and we have many to express gratitude.

But my natural optimism is met with a skeptical eye because of what we see and hear so regularly. I am worried.  

It is hard today because our community is reeling from devastating fires that destroyed hundreds of homes in Boulder County towns. CO Red Cross 

The latest mass shooting in Colorado was only days prior! 

Communities across our great country know the pain. We think about the stores where we at minimum know the passion and story of the small business owners working through their local challenges. I don´t even have to list the challenges, you know. I personally seek the stories of the owners, stores and communities we are so fortunate to learn about because they choose us. So, when something happens in a community, I think of them. I send a card. I hope it helps. 

I am going to do better writing about what we learn and how I am inspired by these retailers. That will certainly restore my optimism.

Seek meaningful relationships in your local community this year. Find and create optimism. Let me know if I can help. We wish you the best in 2022!


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