Home Hacks with Your Idea Chíc Scented Sachets

When you hear the word sachet, what exactly comes to mind? Quilted fragrant squares that your grandmother painstakingly sewed by hand?

Scented sachets aren’t just for grandma anymore. With our stylish, signature muslin bags, Idea Chíc’s handheld sachets (about 2 1/2” x 3 3/4") offer a fresh, modern take on how these aromatic pouches can be used around the house. 

With long lasting scents that can be refreshed by a simple spritz of water and scrunching, our sachets bring a natural, crisp aroma to any of your home’s nooks or crannies. And, since our sachets are non-toxic and family friendly, they offer up many more purposes than just tossing in a drawer or pantry and forgetting about (though we admit we do that too!).

Below we’ve collected some of our favorite home hacks that our best-selling sachets have to offer. If you have a sachet hack you’d like to share, drop us a note below - we’d love to hear from you.

Freshen Your Linens With Natural Fragrance

If you have sensitive skin or allergies to chemicals found in traditional dryer sheets, our all natural, non-toxic lavender floral sachets are the perfect solution. The light, garden-fresh scent of lavender will brighten your linens without any artificial additives. You can also tuck a sachet in your gym bag, suitcase or linen closet to keep garments (or garment storage areas) smelling clean between usage. 

Welcome The New Season With Your Wardrobe Change

Do you pack up your winter clothes in a closet or basement? Avoid that musty smell and bring a sweet aroma to next season’s wardrobe by sneaking a sachet or two into storage, too. Our tie strings are perfect for hanging on a hanger or tucking into a coat pocket. For winter wear, we recommend using a cedar sachet. Filled with cedar wood chips and shavings, this sachet is reminiscent of an evergreen tree and a natural moth repellent. 

Personalize Your Next Housewarming Gift

A sachet is a thoughtful, affordable gift to say welcome home! Pair with a bottle of wine and an  Idea Chíc greeting card and you are sure to make your friend or loved one smile. Our vintage style sachets are a cute, original decoration for small spaces in the kitchen or around the house. Our gift recommendation: the apple spice sachet. Nothing says welcome home like that distinct fragrance of fall. 

Transform Your Bathroom Into a Secret Sanctuary 

Rose has been used in aromatherapy for generations to transform any space into a sanctuary. A rose-filled sachet is the perfect way to charm your space with this classic fragrance. Filled with dried rose petals and buds, our rose sachets offer the timeless yet distinctly romantic scent of rose. This is a great gift for her, or a subtle way to promote relaxation in the house. Light some candles and add to your next bath to create an enchanting night to yourself! 

Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

Sachets don’t just have to be used around the house. Hide a sachet in your car’s trunk or under the driver’s seat to keep your car smelling fresh day after day. Our mint sachet offers a simple and cool fragrance that will help eliminate odor discreetly. With its excellent quality, it is sure to  keep your commute smelling naturally wonderful! 

The Scribble: What do I do with my sachets once they lose their fragrance? 

Over time you will notice your sachets beginning to lose their smell. That’s what makes them natural, after all! But you don’t have to throw your sachet away once their fragrance has waned. Consider upcycling your sachets into Christmas ornaments. Our lovely muslin bags are run through our 1930's Chandler and Price letterpress, providing a sophisticated yet one-of-a-kind printing. When hung on a fir, they offer a vintage, stylish look and feel. If you’re looking for a scented sachet for your tree, we recommend the lavender & cedar. Printed with an art nouveau inspired script, this sweet sachet will give your tree an artisan touch.

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