Hello Spring! Idea Chíc Favorites to Help You Welcome the New Season 🌷

Ah yes — the ice is melting, the trees are starting to shake off their snow, and finally, the first hints of spring are among us! 

Spring represents so many of our favorite things: flowers and bees, birds singing, Easter baskets, and Farmer’s Markets. We are so ready to open up our windows and let in that sweet, sweet sunshine. 

If you’ve felt cooped up all winter (or really, all pandemic), you are not alone. We’ve all felt a little claustrophobic lately. But spring beckons! And with that, you’ll find our Idea Chíc favorites to help you welcome in this beloved season. ⬇️ 

Say Hi to an Old Friend with our Flower and Bee Letterpress Card 🐝

2020 may have been the year of social distancing, but 2021 can be the year of social stationery! Pick a friend or loved one you lost touch with over the last year and send them a spring greeting. Our Flower and Bee Letterpress Card is a darling choice. Each card features an original illustration by our niece, Michaela, and is individually letterpress printed by hand with an adorable orange flower and hand-drawn yellow bumblebee. And, be sure to join our #GratitudeGlow Challenge if you’re expressing appreciation to this special person! 

Start Your First Herb Garden with our Garden Markers 🌿

Back by popular demand, our best-selling Herb Garden Markers are the perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor garden. Included are ten individual stakes: basil, cilantro, mint, oregano, parsley, thyme, rosemary, lavender, dill, and sage to mark your seeds. This is an excellent gift for home cooks, amateur gardeners, or for the green thumb in your house.

Hang Some Fresh Art - Try These Vintage Seed Packet Postcards 🌻

Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings! While you’re stashing away all those heavy quilts and Christmas decorations (ok, hopefully, you’ve already done that one!), why not try out some different wall art, too? Our Vintage Seed Packet Postcards are a budget-friendly option, sure to add a burst of color to your home. Printed on thick, bright white cover stock, each design is ideal for framing and hanging as wall decor — just like we do in our studio. 

Spring Cleaning? Stay Organized with our Floral Bouquet To-Do Notepad 📝

Our gorgeous Floral Bouquet To-Do Notepad makes any honey-do list less threatening! Who can fear cleaning out the closet when there’s a lovely peony to spruce up the message? Whether you're dreaming of some new spring landscaping or simply making your first Farmer’s Market list of the season, this notepad is a festive way to stay organized as you emerge from your own winter hibernation, ready to make changes. 

Swap Your Linens - But Don’t Forget Your Sachets 👗

Speaking of spring cleaning… don’t forget to order your Idea Chíc Scented Sachets for your linen closet. Bring a natural, crisp aroma to any nook or cranny in your home! (And we mean any — check out our blog post, Home Hacks with Your Idea Chíc Scented Sachets.) Filled with dried spices, wood chips, or potpourri, our sachets provide fresh, long-lasting scents that are all-natural, non-toxic, and family friendly. Our signature scents include Apple Spice, Cedar, Lavender, Lavender & Cedar, Mint, and Rose.

Surprise Your Person with a Spring Date 🚲

First, deliver a sweet card (this is one of our favorites!) in advance. Then pack a picnic, sunscreen, fresh flowers — all the spring fixings! Get out and smell the roses. Go on a walk or a bicycle ride. Check out a new park or trail. Leave the phones at home. Like we said, we’ve all been cooped up this year, staring at screens more than ever before. Getting outside and receiving a little extra Vitamin D with your person is a wonderful way to boost your mood and embrace the newness of spring! 

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