Making of the Bottoms Up Drink Stirrers

Many Idea Chic products are inspired by our own events and certainly as a result of requests from regular customers.  We have a long list of ideas that are chic and need to be made. Our Bottoms Up Drink Stirrers had been created as a bar accessory for an "Old Fashioned Fun Party" to celebrate the launch of Idea Chic and the seven year anniversary of JS Design.  They were a hit so we made more and they have become a popular item since. 

All of our drink stirrers including custom made drink stirrers are made on wood. The door drink stirrers are thicker than even the thickest paper we print on our Chandler and Price letterpress.  This creates the need to make some adjustments.  Platinum presses, all presses, need adjustments. Ours which was made in the 1930's need the feeding table to be pulled back a bit by adjusting large screws under the platform. This gives the clearence to provide a nice print that is not too deep or too light. A craft indeed. 

Setting the pins is easy for feeding the product but the wood is not consistent se we slow the machine down a bit and eyeball. An art indeed. The result is unique drink stirrers! 

 The Bottoms Up Drink Stirrers can be found here or Idea Chic on   Etsy

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Hi Kristy,
Thanks for stopping by and the question. We personalize drink stirrers for weddings and other events. Email me your image and quantity and we will reply with a quote. david @ Ideachic . net


My enquiry is whether or not you make (or know who would) personalised drink stirrers?


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