Making Soft and Beautiful Peony Desk Calendars at Idea Chic

We love peonies and if you said we made this beautiful peony desk calendar for Julie’s desk you would not be wrong. wpid-img_20150616_102245.jpgWe hope you love it too! With the elegant and soft colored home office and kitchen in mind we designed the calendar and mixed the inks in our letterpress shop to get just the right soft and light pink and pale peach. The ink on the spatula, although darker looking, was mixed to look like the peonies held by Julie. When actually applied to the rollers which ink the printing plates and ultimately press the soft paper we achieved that color.

wpid-img_20150831_172857.jpgFrom there we loaded the ink and printing plates on our 1930’s letterpress we call Hazel. One color at a time we make the 6 1/4 inch square calendar back with light pink peonies at the bottom and pale peach at the top. The luxurious Italian two ply thick ivory textured cotton paper is stunning! Feeding the letterpress one at a time never looses the soft touch to our hands. Being in Colorado where the air is dry we actually run a humidifier long enough to apply moisture to the cotton paper. The benefit includes our ability to handle the paper to nice deboss impression without cracking the paper. This is a practice we use often, especially in the winter.

For the calendar pages we flat print with gold ink on a blush metallic stock and secured to the center of the calendar. The calendar pages are connected with that rubbery material you find on notepads. Simply tear off each month. We liked that process so much that we will be launching Idea Chíc notepads very soon! Join our mail list to be first to know. By the way the final page is a quote proper for keeping your calendar as a piece of art on your desk or table top. That Last page says ̈́’I must have flowers always and always” – Monet
The calendar comes with a golden wood easel and is packaged in a muslin fabric bag with a gold peony printed on the front – perfect for reusing! We used the printing plate that we print our peony stationery with to make a beautiful golden peony impression on the bag.

The peony calendar can be found with our other 2016 calendars in the calendar collection on our website.

wpid-img_20150901_131809.jpg wpid-img_20150901_132135.jpgwpid-img_20150901_132905.jpg

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