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Are you ever looking for a unique architectural piece to add to a living, office or bedroom space?  Adding architectural details from years past – can take a space to a whole new level.  It can add interest to a blank wall or create what ever look you are going for, Tuscan, barnyard, etc. 

There is a great architectural salvage yard which I have been to on various occasions right in the heart of Denver.  You can find tons of old window panes, doors, light fixtures, heater vents, door pulls, etc.  It is called Architectural Salvage, Inc. located at 5001 Colorado Blvd., Denver and it is a fabulous place.  

Don’t just think of this place for your house or office it is also great for social events and weddings.  What if you purchased an old style pocket door or barn door and tacked your escort cards to the door, a very vintage CHIC IDEA…

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