A Colorful Merging of Love and Creativity

Once you get over the shock and awe of these pictures you’re about to see, I’m sure your next thought will be, Who is the person writing this? To save you the anxiety that will plague you when you try to sleep tonight, I’ll give you a brief introduction:   My name is Tavie Meier (Like Davey Crockett, but with a “T” (And the weird spelling of Myer)) and I’m a twenty-something living in Denver.  By some cosmic coincidence, I hit it off with Julie and David Sandusky and they trust me to run the Etsy site and update this blog.  Oh, and we’re on Facebook.  I’ve turned my one-bedroom apartment into small studio space where I cut up fabric and sew it back together into stuff that resembles “products,” usually with Rachmaninoff playing in the background.   And I have a baby boy named Butters…who turns out is a pug and not really a baby at all.

I’m also one of those girls who has been planning my wedding since I was five.  It’s only appropriate that my first post pertain to an engagement shoot JS Design Custom was honored to be part of.  I shuffled through these pictures dozens of times, and I can’t think of a better way to get ready for spring fever than the bright colors, sweet treats, and all-around love this shoot brought to everyone involved.  Get ready for the rush of seratonin….

Who’s responsible for this incredible shoot?

Planning and Inspiration by 2Sparx

Photography by Andrea Flanagan Photography

Location and Sweet Treats provided by Erica Cunha, Living the Sweet Life

Styling by Tina Gill, Worthwhile Style

Flowers by Lisa Anderson, Sweet Pea Flowers

Jewelry by Amy McDowell, Stella and Dot

Table Linens by David Lambert, All Well Rents

All Printed Materials by none other than  Julie Sandusky, JS Design Custom

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