A Rustic Throwback with Modern Twists

It’s no secret that an invitation sets the tone for your entire event.  They’re the first things your guests see, igniting their imaginations with visions of what you have in store for them and whether or not it’s worth attending.  So,when JS Design Custom was asked to create an invitation for a Wedding Planner’s retreat in Estes Park, the wheels in Julie’s head started turning a little faster than normal.  Afterall, this was no ordinary retreat.  It was an opportunity to show the who’s who of wedding planning why JS Design Custom is THE place for custom wedding stationery.

Inspired by the event’s location, Della Terra Mountain Chateau, we threw out the traditional envelope, stepped into a time machine, and went back to the days of the Pony Express when fabric mailing bags were not so much chic as it was the norm.  Julie signs all of her emails, the details make all the difference, so even the stamps were no exception to this throwback piece.  In fact, when I showed this to my friends, they examined it and asked, “Are those real?”  Yes, yes they are.  As a finishing touch, Evette Goldstein addressed each invitation by hand.

Inside, guests found a very unconventional invitation that still kept the outdoor, rustic theme of Della Terra.  The front and back are pieces of wood veneer, and like the fabric mailing bag, was silk-screened in-house using a Japanese screen printer called a Print Gocco.

The invitation itself is folded like an accordion, and used flat printing which incorporates images of the surrounding scenery.

Special thanks to This Modern Life Photography for taking all of these amazing product pictures!

All of the credit for this invitation and the event goes to:

Invitation Design Concepting and Production: Julie Sandusky

Event Planning: Debbie Orwat, Save the Date Events

Calligraphy: Evette Goldstein, Artist and Calligrapher, PrettyWriting

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