How to Win with Your Letter Writing Campaign Behavior

Have you noticed unique behavior when it comes to getting a message out in the most genuine way or when it matters most?  We have certainly noticed what people do to communicate during important circumstances.  Some obvious examples span personal and professional engagement where genuine gratitude would not go without the best effort.  Some examples include the newlyweds mailing thank you cards to friends and family for thoughtful wedding gifts to the eager job seeker who takes the time to prove appreciation for interview opportunities.  In business thoughtful sales professionals send gifts such as wine or some gift based on what is learned about the valued client or customer.  In every case there is a hand-written note.

Let’s talk about business relationships where the effort has many parts to equal successful behavior.  Here are a few must do items:

  • Maintain a database. There are free and inexpensive CRM systems that are more than good.  Do a search and ask around based on your needs. I use Zoho and we use MailChimp.  The benefit is a system to capture data you learn about people from important milestones, hobbies and any great information that helps you connect.  This is also where you can capture
  •  all contact information including address – a great and complete database includes mailing addresses.
  • Subscribe and read industry specific media relevant to you.  When you see or hear about a victory or news worthy information for someone in your existing and growing network, take note and congratulate them with a mailed note.  Keep in mind being recognized is a big deal for people.  It is easy to comment on social media, sending the note on your personal or business stationery is unique – always has been and is even more so today.
  • Keep that database up to date and every time your client, business partner or anyone important to you has a milestone like an anniversary, new product launch, secures a key hire or alliance that expands business…you can go on and on!
  • Put your radar up for people making a difference in your community.  Let these people know you noticed with a thank you note.

Be creative with all the opportunities to connect with people.  Some even create unique gift items to be mailed to hard to reach people.  Today with social media and personal information on website bios you can get specific with thoughtful custom gifts and notes.  Networking, listening and learning about people can be taken further than most are willing to go.  The activity is great for your business.

You may even notice there is a selfish element to this kind of campaign and behavior.  It’s true, you can’t help but become more positive and optimistic when you spend at least a small part of one day a week hand writing and mailing people you care about and who are doing great things.  For me this is Monday mornings.  No matter how busy you are, you can schedule a time to make the notes and send.  All week long you create the list and sitting down for a routine makes it happen.  Enjoy and make it a great day for someone!

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