fun in the snow letterpress card

We have been so incredibly excited to share  this card since we produced this for our client Sonja as her 2012 Christmas card.  As we yearn for snow in Denver I thought it would be a perfect time to share.  We had so much fun working in collaboration with Laura Esmond from Hannah Photography on this mixed media card of luxurious letterpress printing with fantastic photography by Laura.  Laura did a fun snowball fight photo shoot of Sonja and Venu’s twin boys Clark and Everest with super bright fun colors backed by the beautiful white snow.




The front of each kraft envelope featured a circular label printed with one of the boy’s holding a snowball.  The guest address was written in the center of the snowball.  A return address label was found in the corner of the design which wrapped to the back of the envelope with the two boys running in the snow and the wording “Follow your Bliss”.




When opened a bright colorful photograph of the boys was featured on the front of the card.  The back of the card focused on a 3-color letterpress design.  Each card was composed of white cotton Lettra letterpress printed with a blind deboss of white on white falling snowflakes which surrounded the entire card.  Sonja created a fun little play on words and messaging with a “Snow Ice Cream” recipe.  The ice cream recipe was 2-color letterpress printed in ice blue and chocolate-brown inks.  We finished each card by flush mounting and trimming the two sides together to create one solid piece.

The end result was a fun, colorful, unique design with beauty and style, very idea chic.  Thank you Sonja and Laura it was a pleasure working with both of you on this darling card!

All photographs of card provided by Hannah Photography.

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