Idea Chic Wholesale For Your Subscription Box Business

As a master curator for your subscription box we invite you to look into how Idea Chíc can help you find products for subscription boxes. We supply greeting cards, stationery and unique handmade gifts to your subscription box theme. The cards and paper related subscriptions are obvious collaboration opportunities but less obvious themes can make a big impact too. For instance, one of our favorite examples is Art of Organics who creates a luxury collection of today’s best organic, natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free beauty products. They have included Idea Chíc letterpress stationery in the boxes for a unique and personal addition. Another example is Roost Crate where the theme is farmers market related and Idea Chíc has foodie favorites that fit that theme too. 

Whether you are looking for a high quality card for a person note to your subscribers or find products to include as part of the box value, our wholesale linesheet is available to you like it is for retailers. Sign up is simple and of course you can contact us with questions.

Wholesale request 

Marketplace wholesale shopping is the future and we invite you to shop Idea Chíc on  Indigo Fair or Etsy Wholesale. 



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