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Letterpress Printing Process & Demo (Leave with Stationery + Swag)

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* July 7th and 14th are filled *

Learn and experience a step by step process and demonstration of a real 1930's Chandler and Price letterpress in action - we call her Hazel. You will learn the start to finish basics of how a project is printed with tips to design effectively for quality letterpress output if that is your goal. 

This class is great for graphic designers, artisans, history buffs, printmaking, and marketing professionals. Also anyone generally interested in the history and modern day brilliance of letterpress printing. It is a fun and interesting process to witness! This is also a unique small team development event! 

You will leave with stationery notes that we will make during the class as well as a swag bag of other popular Idea Chíc letterpress and the skills to create print ready designs. 

This is a free event on Saturdays from 11:00AM to 12:30PM all year long! Call with questions, to register or schedule a private or exclusive event. Class size is 3-6 people. If you have 3-6 people planned you can contact us or add the number to your cart and we can schedule a Saturday with a confirmation email. 

Idea Chíc (workshops building)
4340 E Kentucky Ave., #121
Glendale, CO  80246
suite #121 is in the interior courtyard 
(303)884-RSVP (7787)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

We ordered through the site after seeing an ad in an email. Nobody was there and the store was closed when my husband and son arrived. They did end up emailing me the next day letting me know they only do it if they have 3/4 people. Also offered if we could get more people they would get another time for us.

These people just showed up to a non scheduled demo without confirmation. This has never happened before so rest assured, as you will see with the other reviews, this is not a normal situation.
welcoming and informative

Very welcoming team and the information was very informative. Left with a new appreciation for the art of letter press.

Interesting and informative!

It was interesting and informative! David and Julie shared their experience, the in's and out's of doing letterpress and running a business along with the challenges.

Awesome class!

Awesome class. Learned lots of terminology, and got to see close up, the intricacy of letterpress. David and Julie were excellent and inspiring.

Great Class! David and Julie were amazing.

Great Class! David and Julie were amazing.

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