The Mountain Fountain Country Store in Longmont Colorado

Longmont Colorado is know for picturesque views, beautiful weather with four seasons and a healthy, active community. This community also has a historic country store in a small, unincorporated town called  Hygiene about one mile west of McIntosh Lake in northwest Longmont.

The Mountain Fountain country store features a gluten free bakery, coffee bar, a wide variety of bottled drinks, made to order deli with gluten-free and regular sandwich options. They support local Hygiene farms and ranches, as well as many Colorado and regional food producers.

The Mountain Fountain is in the historic building that was originally Clarks Food Market. Carrie, now the owner, is a college educator and an organic food and beverage enthusiast. 

General stores like this are special and we are honored to be part of the shopping experience. 

Our independent retail stockist inspire us. Highlighting the Interesting Retail we learn about because they stock Idea Chíc cards and gifts. 💌

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photo from their website

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