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We truly love brick and mortar retail. The dream of opening your own store in your home town is a proud moment. Every new wholesale order we get at Idea Chic sets off our Google search for pictures and stories because we know there is a passionate small business owner on the other end. When the purchase order from Nancy with Nancyland Kids came through we assumed it was another great kids boutique like the others we are honored to be part of. With Nancy there was more. She is a children's book author with a number of amazing titles. She didn't stop there. With deep experience in retail too, Nancy opened Nancyland Kids on 24th Street in San Francisco, CA. Here is her short bio from her website:

Nancy Guettier, an emerging author of children's books, is committed to inspiring and encouraging kids to enjoy learning new things. With a background of more than 25 years in the children's industry, Nancy has provided retail visual merchandising for Gapkids™ and BabyGap™. She currently holds the position of VP of Visual Merchandising for Pottery Barn Kids and PBTeen™.

Personal Inspiration

After adopting her three children, Nancy was inspired to write books that are not only appealing and whimsical, but that also provide educational content. Most importantly, she feels strongly about offering kids the opportunity to learn about new topics.



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