Left Bank Books in Belfast Maine

The first thing I do in any town I come to is ask if it has a bookstore.

—Robert Frost

The east coast towns we explore because our cards can be found somewhere inspires delivering to these great retailers in person. At least in daydream. Left Bank Books in Belfast, Maine is a great example! They are the most recent bookstore to stock Idea Chíc cards and gifts. To see a new bookstore to our stockist during this pandemic forced shutdowns was emotional. 

Located in downtown Belfast Maine in the historic Opera House is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The elegant "Hayford Block" dates from 1869 and boasts Italianate architectural features as well as a splendid granite facade.

Hey Authors, with independently owned bookstores like this let´s mention these stores as examples of where to find your books. This is where community lives! 

Highlighting the Interesting Retail we learn about because they stock Idea Chíc cards and gifts. 💌

Can we become part of your store? Learn about Idea Chíc Wholesale and tell us about your story! 

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