Leevers Locavore North Denver Neighborhood Grocery

Locally owned and operated grocery is a special place. Leevers Locavore in Denver´s northside neighborhood is a wonderful grocery store. They value locally sourced producers across the produce and aisles. The store houses local restaurants, a bar and a coffee collective! 

Leevers Locavore stocks a very nice representation of Idea Chíc greeting cards. They also keep us well stocked as the community is certainly grabbing our cards along the way. We love being part of a store that serves a community that values the same things. Local, well made products. Also, they are employee owned! A goal of Idea Chíc as well!   


When you shop with us, you support all of us.

We are committed to producing a unique experience for our local community. We partner with reputable producers, restauranteurs, and like-minded vendors to create a memorable food and beverage experience.

We think you’ll find that employee-owners care a bit more and love going the extra mile to make your shopping experience memorable.

Highlighting the Interesting Retail we learn about because they stock Idea Chíc cards and gifts. 💌

Can we become part of your store? Learn about Idea Chíc Wholesale and tell us about your story! 

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