Brick and Mortar Norway Maine

We love Brick and Mortar retail. The boutique lined neighborhood streets mixed in with homes and locally owner restaurants is the charm we all truly crave, right? 

When we accepted the wholesale order from a shop in Norway Maine called Brick & Mortar, we were eager to seek photos of surely a darling shop. Not everybody gets to open a store in a building with actual brick and mortar. How fitting! 

Call them for details but we understand this upcoming summer 2022 they are starting a “Weekly Stems” subscription. Have a bouquet of local flowers waiting for you at the shop each Friday for the months of July and August 2022.

Highlighting the Interesting Retail we learn about because they stock Idea Chíc cards and gifts. 💌

Can we become part of your store? Learn about Idea Chíc Wholesale and tell us about your story! 

photo: Brick & Mortar Maine 

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