The Four Seasons of Colorado Mountain Weddings




There was a time in Colorado when traditional weddings happened over the summer months. Historically June, which three weeks of the month are technically in the spring, was the most popular time to get married. It´s considered good luck to get married in June. Juno is the ancient Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth.

But in Colorado we have four miraculous seasons - all with independent charm for the season. Equally as popular as June for a wedding is September. The month we transition to fall and come mid month you can feel it in the air. 

June and September are popular no doubt and if you don´t plan in advance the wonderful venues up and down the front range and throughout the Rocky Mountains are booked. Fortunately we have four glorious seasons! 

  • Spring

In the Colorado mountains spring is called ¨mud season¨. The deep snow is melting and the streams are building towards the rivers. It does not take long for the wildflowers to start growing. Our Wildflower Invitations and matching wedding favors are perfect for spring! 



  • Summer

Weddings shine in Colorado summer. It´s so beautiful. We love to get involved from the High Tea Bridal Shower through the wedding day and special guest parties! You might have to come in to our stationery store in Glendale to see the variety of samples. 



  • Fall

Colorado reds and golds are so colorful in the fall. It is stunning. No surprise to us at Idea Chíc that the popularity of weddings in September would grow all the way through fall. All of our invitation colors can be changed to fit the wedding and seasonal themes, but we made a special favor that other than the personalized tags, have never needed to change in color. Try our Mulling Spice Favors! The apple image in the tag is a favorite and we are happy to add a wreath for winter weddings. 

  • Winter

Have you attended a winter wedding where the bride´s dress is full and glorious? In Colorado the cold snowy landscape and everything the mountain towns have to offer make for a very romantic setting. We have beautiful invitations to set such a tone but one of our more popular invitations is for the ski or snowboard bums. There´s plenty of us! 



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