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succulent care

Caring for succulents is rather simple if you keep one rule when it comes to watering. Don't over water! We have damaged a succulent before and learned long ago that we are better off neglecting them, but don't do that either. 

Succulents hold water in their leaves. A plump, full and colorful leaf is healthy. The best way to monitor water levels and health is by sight rather than feeling soil for dryness. A healthy succulent will be growing and replacing low level leaves that start to die. This is normal. What is not normal is leaves that discolor and even become translucent. There is too much water in the leaves. 

At Idea Chic we mix a planting soil with course sand so the roots have the best environment to thrive with little watering. Usually our succulents are not in pots allowing drainage. A little bit of water after the soil has been completely dry for days works well. You will need a watering can with small spout to access the limited area for watering. It's best the get under the plant rather watering from the top. This way the little amount of water gets to the roots and through. Remember, a pot with no drainage like ours runs the risk of over watering. Keep in mind the water is not draining and the worst you can do to a succulent is have the roots sit in water. 

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