Succulent Care - Re-plant and Soil

succulent care

Your succulents found at Idea Chic have been planted in a unique container suitable for younger succulents, Hens and Chicks. A time will come when you may decide to change pots or propagate

These darling succulents are usually planted in containers that don't allow drainage.  We mix a planting soil with course sand so the roots have the best environment to thrive with little watering. 

If you choose to replant or propagate as your succulents grow you can create the soil best for your container or outside planting. Most advice calls for a cactus soil or homemade mix of course sand and pumice for quick and thorough drainage. Roots don't like to sit in moist soil, wet soil will kill your succulents for sure. Drainage is important and watering when dry. For containers without drainage we like to keep a planting soil on hand to distribute water better and with proper watering no chance of water sitting at the bottom of the container. 

Succulents at Idea Chic are only available in-store. We can help you shop from home with touch-less pickup too! Join our text service for current stock, to order or schedule shopping in person.


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