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succulent care

By propagating succulents you can fix mistakes or divide growth to expand your collection. Sometimes a stem falls off or your succulents could start growing leggy stems. Propagating succulents, like regrowing other plants and vegetables from themselves is very rewarding when you see the new growth! With succulents you can take healthy stems and wiggle off to gently separate from the stem. Clean shears should be used to get a nice trim or for cutting down stems getting to long (leggy). By the way, usually succulents become leggy with lack of sunlight. Indirect sunlight is best for healthy succulents. 

A healthy succulent leaf or stem should become dry at the end and become calloused with a skin like finish. Keeping on a paper towel and out of the sun for a few days does the trick. 

When calloused you can plant shallow in dry soil or set on top of soil. We have tried leaving alone and not watering until signs of growth. We have also applied a light mist with a spray bottle rather than watering. Both have shown success and failure. They don't always sprout. 

You can also place stems or leaves in water. A sharply cut leggy stem placed in a cute glass bottle will stay beautiful. Over time the stringy roots will grow and possibly fill the bottle. We change the water maybe once a month just to keep crisp and clean. 

Have fun propagating! Succulents planted at Idea Chic start out young and/or propagated to look cute in our containers. They can stay in these containers or be moved or propagated for your expanding collection.  

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