Succulent Care - Hens and Chicks

succulent care

We LOVE Hens and Chicks succulents! They are so cute and unique. The Chicks just keep growing too so maintaining these sweet plants can provide years of new succulents. The rosette shaped succulents grow in a cluster (chicks) from the Hen. 

At Idea Chic we have a variety of these clusters started in unique containers. We start them in a planter soil mixed with course sand and topped with the sand for a finishing touch. Some of our options could include replanted chicks to make room. As yours grow from home you can propagate chicks or replant the the whole cluster and see what happens! You can grow Hens and Chicks in-door or out-door but low sun to keep the sensitive plants from burning. It is also important to keep them in a well draining soil because the roots will not make it if sitting in moist soil. Let the roots dry before watering. 

Succulents at Idea Chic are only available in-store. We can help you shop from home with touch-less pickup too! Join our text service for current stock, to order or schedule shopping in person.

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