Pop-Up Shopping at Idea Chíc in Denver Colorado


The handcrafted and small batch maker community in Colorado is impressive to say the least. We are fortunate at Idea Chíc to meet some of this talent and see the creations first hand!

Over the years we have performed letterpress processes and demos at the workshop and have met some of these people. Other stories we learn as we get to know regular guests. During the pandemic, we redesigned Idea Chíc to become a boutique stationery shop holding regular open hours. Now with production and retail, we invite our talented neighbors to join us as we host Pop-Up Shopping at Idea Chíc!


Opening a Pop-Up shop at Idea Chíc is ideal for established and new handcrafted product entrepreneurs who are primarily selling online. Pop-Up shops in general are a wonderful idea for those with a local following or community, and who want to showcase products in-person. The Idea Chíc brand is sweet, classic and chíc. Our guests also describe our space as bright, crisp and clean. They tend to hang-out in our small space and dialog about them and us is common. This inviting small space is ideal for product and personality that fits the described. Products can range from floral arrangements and small house plants to handcrafted goods like jewelry and gourmet foods with care and detail in packaging.  


Pop-Up shopping located in our stationery shop and/or in the courtyard just outside our doors. There is no charge for the space. Product makers with the ability to make point of sale transactions are responsible for conducting business during the day(s) event.  


Idea Chíc is open Tuesday-Friday 10:00AM-5:00PM and Saturday 10:00AM-2:00PM. Pop-Up shopping hours are available during Idea Chíc open hours with plenty of time available for set up and breakdown after hours. 



Many talented product and food creators are well versed in eCommerce sales and shipping products. Affordable and available retail space in the Denver Metro area is not as plentiful! Our space is small and intimate, the right experience for establishing local relationships with your customers. Idea Chíc exists to support deep, meaningful relationships. Helping by hosting Pop-Up shops for local commerce can be part of this purpose. 


If you feel like you make a product that includes nice packaging and retail ready experience, we welcome your interest. Contact us to start to conversation via the form at the bottom of our special Events and Pop-Up Shop page

You are expected to run your own shop in a designated small space, drive your own traffic and leave the space clean. We will help get the word out through signage and posting the Pop-Up on Eventbright and other places. We are also happy to provide back-stock in our production space so you can organize a nice small set up in the retail space. Please note that there may be Idea Chíc new and regular guests as well in which case we will introduce you and your work. We will also be packing orders and making products which can include printing and other equipment. Our guest enjoy that atmosphere, especially the letterpress so rest assured it is not disruptive but part of the small business maker experience! 
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