Navigating the Cost of Attending a Wedding in 2022

Over the course of a few days we had different guests at Idea Chíc visiting to buy wedding cards. That part is not unusual during wedding season, but this time a theme arrived. That week we talked with different groups or individuals visiting from the same mid-west region. Must have been staying nearby and, like many who find Idea Chíc for the first time, are looking for independently owned stores. 

Three times make a trend and it was at that point it occurred to us that a few days back we met the bride-to-be who these people were here for! She was at Idea Chíc to get a card for her soon to be husband.

She and her now husband planned a destination wedding in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains. That´s common. This year we are confident that destination weddings are part of many travel plans as people get out for experiences. 

Contrast to Navigating What’s Next After Your Loved One Postpones Their Special Day in 2020 and 2021, now we are seeing the easily predicted wedding boom of 2022. 

Roughly 2.5 million weddings are expected to happen this year, the most since 1984.

Wedding Market Search

This year the attendees of so many weddings and other social gatherings are looking at the budgets with concern. According to a study conducted by YouGov Plc and published by, economic uncertainty stifles 2022 celebrations when asked about attending a birthday, wedding, graduation, religious ceremony, baby shower, anniversary party, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary party, retirement party, bachelor/bachelorette party. 

Other key findings include young adults feeling the pain the most and more men than women feeling pressure to spend. 

Survey: 39 million U.S. adults feel pressured to overspend on celebratory events this year

At Idea Chíc we find our way into the most important moments in life. That could be large attended events and small events. We are supporting those we are celebrating and as mentioned in this post, a choice for attendees buying cards and gifts.

If there is any consistency across the type and size of a celebration, it is a sweet greeting card. That is why we created the Idea Chíc Card Club. Members´ ability to select cards of their choice allows for planning ahead and having the best card in hand at the right time. Another benefit for members is enjoying 20% off other purchases, which sometimes includes needing even more cards than the four per month. 

As our guests who love our cards and stationery in-store learn, the Idea Chíc Card Club becomes the perfect way to keep getting cards back at home. Select four cards per month, and shipping is free! Learn more about the Card Club and subscribe. 


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