Denver Area Stationery Boutique Open Hours

We emailed our in-store Card Club members this week about the good news, and an update from Idea Chíc. This same group received different news as they visited during January and February last year. 

Last year we made the hard decision to end our open hours for in-store shopping - remaining only open by appointment for custom social stationery. The reasoning was well accepted. We needed our small space for eCommerce and wholesale production, packing and shipping. Also at the same time, we needed the freedom to explore a wide net of opportunities to relocate Idea Chíc and possibly ourselves. 

This wonderful and loyal group responded in different ways. Some joined our Online Card Club - we would ship and some chose the pick-up option. Some would buy online also choosing either shipping or pick-up. Some moved away. We are honored they still shop from us. Then there is this other group of people who are most loyal to local brick-and-mortar. If we are not open, they look elsewhere. This group of local independent retail shopping is where most of our feedback about Denver resides.  

In Denver over the years, a few long time stationery stores have closed. Near us, this includes a long standing independent stationery store and chains that have closed everywhere, like Papyrus. We have earned some of these relationships for high-end stationery needs. Not long after we ended our open hours, Paper Source in Cherry Creek closed. The building they were in was torn down and they did not relocate nearby.

Like a switch we start hearing from the Paper Source greeting card shoppers. No matter how hard we tried to make it obvious we are not open except for custom stationery appointments, locals would come in hoping to shop our greeting cards. It was hard asking them to visit our site and pointing out the obvious that there is a lack of nearby independent and open stores. 

The complaints about the lack of independent retail and particularly stationery stores is apparent. Especially mentioned from those who have moved to Denver recently. The other issue, we are told, is shopping online and at some stores that sell indie greeting cards have no filter. We hear that same comment in our wholesale business identifying new brands. 

So today, we are motivated to narrow our search to expand our retail presence in Denver with a high-end stationery store in Cherry Creek or Wash Park. Our flagship. These markets are tight in Denver where in contrast there is plenty of open retail space in other parts of the city. Anyone who lives here knows why. 

We are patient in our search. During this time and decision, we re-opened our stationery boutique to include regular shopping hours. We found a way to make everything work in our small space. Anyone who has been here knows it is a great gem. This works. Come visit!   



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