Tips and Suggestion Guide for Wedding Invitation RSVP Reply Card Wording and Addressing

tips and suggestion guide for invitation rsvp reply card wording and addressing

Basic Reply Card




____ accepts with pleasure

____ declines with regret


A favour of a reply is requested by the first day of May



Reply with Meal Option 


Kindly respond before May 3rd, 2016


Guest(s) ______________________________________


__will attend

__will not attend


Please place guest’s initials next to entrée choice

___ Chicken ___ Beef 

___ Vegetarian ___ Children’s Meal



Guest Count Control Reply


Two seats have been reserved for



____will attend ____will not attend


 The favor of a reply is requested by the sixth day of April



Destination or Multiple Event Reply 




 ___ Accepts with pleasure

  ___ Thursday Welcome Reception

  ___ Friday Rehearsal Dinner

  ___ Saturday Wedding

 ___ Declines with regret


 ___ Transportation needed from the airport

  Please list arrival date, time and flight number 


 ___ Transportation not needed


The favor of a reply is requested by the fourteenth day of May


Reply Return Address Ideas


Sent to Mother of Bride (Most Traditional)

Mrs. Jane Doe

1424 Pine Lane

Denver, Colorado 80246


 Sent to Parents of Bride (Traditional)

Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

1424 Pine Lane

Denver, Colorado 80246


 Sent to Bride (Modern)

Miss Julie Doe

2524 Bride Lane

Denver, Colorado 80246


Sent to Couple Living Together (Modern) 

Doe and Smith Residence

1425 Wedding Lane

Denver, Colorado 80246


 Sent to Couple Living Together (Modern and Fun)

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Doe

1425 Wedding Lane

Denver, Colorado 80246



envelope addressing ideas using one envelope


Unmarried Woman over 18

Miss (or Ms.) Amy Smithers and Guest


Divorced Woman who uses her married name

Mrs. Amy Carter and Guest


Unmarried or Divorced Man

Mr. Howard Croft and Guest


Married Couples 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Michael Caldwell OR

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Caldwell 


Married Couple – woman with maiden name 

Mrs. Carol Jones and Mr. John Smith 


Unmarried couples living together 

Miss (or Ms.) Amy Carter

Mr. John Stevenson


Same gender couples – alpha by last name 

Miss (or Ms.) Melissa Franklyn 

Miss (or Ms.) Stella Ziegler


Children 18+ years old should be considered adults and receive their own invitation, 

Miss Amy Carter OR Mr. Brian Atwater



The Honorable Thurgood Thompson (If Single)

The Honorable and Mrs. Thurgood Thompson (If married)


Doctor (Medical) 

Doctor Michael Stokes (If Single)

Doctor and Mrs. Michael Stokes (If married)


Doctor (Ph.D.)

Doctor or Dr. Harry Keller


Married Woman Doctor

Doctor Patricia Neddles and Mr. Charles Lyons


Married couple both are doctors

The Doctors Allison and Kevin Harrison



The Reverend Jeremiah Whetheral




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